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Guidelines for link submission:
  • To be included in this directory, your organization must have a physical address in Vermont, within the county where you wish it to be listed. This will be verified in order to keep the information in the directory local and accurate and discourage spammers.

  • In the interest of fairness, one free link per organization is allowed. You decide which category yours best fits into. If you feel you must be listed in more than one category or you don't see an appropriate category, please contact me so we can work something out.

  • All links, except those for someone who has opted for a page within this site, must go to an actual website belonging to the organization submitting the link, whether it is a single page or hundreds of pages. Please do not send links to pages within other online directories, as that will only add to the confusion that is already out there. If you are part of a larger franchise that has a corporate website, consider a page that is unique to your local establishment.

  • Currently, I only have a directory page for Lamoille county. If your organization is located in a different county, please send its link anyway. I will add pages for the other counties as soon as I have listings for them.

  • Although the focus of this directory is on local for-profit businesses, I also welcome links from community organizations, non-profits, municipalities, and anything of interest to the general public, within this geographical area.

If you would like to be included in the directory, but are not ready for a complete website, you may request a page within this site. There will be a one time fee of $ 30.00 to create the page and an annual fee of $ 6.00 to keep it online. This option includes a single static web page, containing up to three screen-fulls of information. Items you might want to include would be your logo, hours of operation, location, a description of who you are and what products and services you offer, and perhaps a small photo or two. You may update the page one time within a year if you choose. The web address will be:
Contact me for more information.

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