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About This Site

Here it is, yet another online directory. My purpose for creating this site is not to get rich quickly, but rather to produce something that is truly functional. My ultimate goal is to provide a link to the website of every business in the state of Vermont that wishes to be listed here, for free. For the many businesses who are not yet ready for a full website of their own, I would like to offer a page on this directory site for a nominal fee. I do not want to exclude anyone due to budget constraints.

Through this website, I hope to showcase the great products and services Vermont has to offer, and encourage people to shop locally, by letting them easily see all that is available.

I am sorting the listings by county, in the hope that people will be best able to find what they are looking for within a reasonable driving distance. The breakdown by categories is still a work in progress, and will probably change as I add more links.

I have started with Lamoille county, because that is where I live. The business sites you see listed here were found by first compiling a list from online and printed directories and then searching Google for each company name to determine which of those companies actually have a website. That was a very long process, and I am sure I missed some.

This is where I am asking for help from the community to make this site grow. If you have a business with a physical presence in Vermont, and it has a site on the web, please contact me so I can include it. I ask that you first check the guidelines for what information I need.

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